MOHA has come a long way and has accomplished many great things since our founding in 1994. In fact, today our organization is being used by the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, based in Washington D.C., to form similar organizations in each state, which will all be tied together for political action through the CSF.


Key Dates


Initiated a successful annual Legislative Dinner, which brings together members of the Legislative Caucus with representatives from the many MOHA organizations at the beginning of each Legislative session.



Joined with the Minnesota Bowhunters, Inc. and Scott County to successfully prosecute animal rights advocates who disrupted a controlled archery deer hunt.


Passed the Constitutional Amendment to protect hunting, fishing and trapping. Minnesota was the second state to successfully pass this protection and is being used as a model for similar legislation in many other states.


Created the Youth Outdoor Heritage Expo to bring kids in contact with all aspects of our outdoor heritage, from clubs and organizations, to outdoor education and careers.


Initiated and hosted the first outdoor leadership "Summit," bringing together state and national outdoor organization leadership, state and federal outdoor agency staff and key state legislators, with the goal to form lasting partnerships to help protect our outdoor heritage.

Legal & Legislative Impacts

  • MOHA legal efforts have helped successfully prosecute animal rights advocates who trespassed to disrupt hunting.

    • Attended all District Court hearings, appeared before the Court of Appeals and submitted amicus curaie briefs to the Court.

    • Ultimately, the animal rights Defendants appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court who allowed the Court of Appeals decision to stand.

    • This decision was a big win for Minnesota sports men and women.


  • MOHA and SCI supported the Minnesota DNR in court to defeat a lawsuit brought by environmental groups aimed at closing significant portions of the Superior National Forest.


  • MOHA supported the shooting ranges in this state in a successful quest to pass legislation protecting existing shooting ranges from closure by developers.


  • MOHA has several times headed off proposed animal cruelty legislation that was written in a way that could be used as a direct attack on hunting, fishing and trapping.