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Who We Are: The MWCA is the largest and oldest weapons collectors group in the state of Minnesota and the first group to contribute to MOHA in 1994.


Our History: The Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association is a non-profit group that was established in 1954 by a group of collecting enthusiasts. The intent of the organization was not only to provide an opportunity for collectors to gather for the purpose to buy, sell, and trade, but also to provide a forum for social interaction and fellowship between those interested in the hobby of arms collecting.


What We Offer: The MWCA sponsors up to eight shows each year throughout the state of Minnesota. These events present antique to modern firearms, edged weapons, related accessories and sporting collectibles. Individuals from throughout the United States participate. Our Annual Trophy Show features many fine collections set up exclusively for display, competition and education.


Contributions: We are pleased to have contributed to a wide variety of local youth-oriented firearms safety and skill development organizations and the National Rifle Association.


Check out our website to get the dates of our shows and learn more about the MWCA.





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